3 Treatment Options For Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is one of those diseases in which treatment is based largely on the stage of cancer one is suffering from. If you have been diagnosed with colon cancer, you may be wondering what kinds of treatment options are available.

These are some treatment options you may discuss with your doctor.


Chemotherapy is provided after surgical treatment, in most cases. Chemotherapy will be administered over some period of time based on the stage of cancer you have experienced. Chemotherapy requires regular visits to the doctor's office, and it may also involve some side effects.

If you are at risk for your cancer returning in the future, chemotherapy reduces the chance that this will happen. Your doctor may also recommend chemotherapy if the cancer has grown into blood vessels or the cancer was quickly spreading and its spread cannot be ruled out.


Surgery is typically one of the first treatments a doctor will consider. Surgery is a great option if your cancer has not spread outside of the colon, as it can remove most or all of the cancerous cells and avoid the spread of the condition.

Surgery may remove polyps and cancerous cells. In some cases, the doctor may decide that it is time to remove part of the colon as part of a colectomy. If the cancerous cells themselves cannot be removed, removing part of the colon may be the best option.


Radiation may be used alongside surgery and after surgery. Radiation can make cancer smaller, and it may even be used ahead of surgery so that it can be easily removed during a surgical procedure. If your doctor decides that you are not able to undergo surgery, they may recommend radiation as the next best option.

Treat the Spread

In some cases, additional treatments are going to be required. This is because the cancer may have spread elsewhere throughout the body. Additional surgeries may be required as well, as they can prevent the cancer from growing quickly into unrelated parts of the body, like the lymph nodes.

Contact Your Doctor to Learn More

Dealing with colon cancer can be frightening. The more you learn about colon cancer treatments now, the more prepared you will be to discuss your options for treatment. Whether you have already been diagnosed or think you may be diagnosed in the future, you should contact a doctor to learn more about this condition.

For more information on colon cancer, contact a professional near you.

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