Do You Need Physical Therapy Or Occupational Therapy?

If you are looking into rehabilitative care, you might have questions about your options for physical therapy and occupational therapy. Both forms of therapy can be extremely helpful, but it is important that you get the right treatment to suit your needs.

Are you looking into your therapy needs? This guide will help you determine whether you should consider physical therapy or occupational therapy as part of your recovery plan.

Occupational Therapy Helps You Care for Yourself

One of the most important things occupational care can do for you is help you take care of yourself. If you have experienced difficulty trying to dress or bathe, for example, this is the type of rehabilitative care you should consider first. Occupational therapy helps you with a variety of tasks, including brushing your teeth, writing, and returning to work.

Physical Therapy Provides Pain Relief

If you experience a lot of pain, physical therapy may be your best option. Physical therapists help patients relieve pain with rehabilitation after an injury or stroke. It can also be used with sports-related injuries. Physical therapy does this with different treatment options, including exercises, stretches, massage, heat therapy, and cold therapy.

Occupational Therapy Improves Coordination

Occupational therapy is often part of a care program for individuals with physical disabilities. These programs can provide assistance in improving coordination, including tasks like handwriting and typing.

Physical Therapy Focuses on Strength & Flexibility

When you work through physical therapy, you may focus on bigger movements, large-scale coordination rather than smaller movements. You may perform exercises with small weights and focus on improving your mobility through flexibility.

Occupational Therapy Can Help Those With Cognitive Impairments

After an injury that has left an individual with some cognitive disabilities, an occupational therapist can provide assistance so that the client can return to work or participate in their favorite activities.

Physical Therapy Often Uses Devices

Many people benefit from the use of orthotics and other devices that help you build strength. You will learn how to use these tools as part of your progress toward being able to move without the use of tools.

Look Into Rehabilitative Care

Whether you would benefit from physical therapy or occupational therapy, it is important that you reach out to a professional. Rehabilitative care can provide a lot of assistance for those who need more care. Contact a rehabilitative care professional to learn more about your treatment options.

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