Infection Control Products That Can Keep Your Staff Safe

At your nursing home, hospital, or urgent care clinic, one of your priorities must be to keep your staff safe. Coupled with extensive safety training, the right selection of infection control products can be instrumental in ensuring that each staff member completes their daily shift without sustaining a serious infection or illness. There are a number of useful products that you should have on hand in your facility. It's also important to educate your staff about where to find these products so that they're easily accessible in a time of need. Here are three products that you can buy from an infection control product supplier.

Medical Waste Solidifier

It might be a topic that people don't enjoy talking about, but liquid medical waste is something that can pose a threat to any staff member in a health-focused facility. Liquid waste in a garbage bag can easily spill or leak through a hole in the bag, potentially coming into contact with a staff member. An effective product for reducing this risk is a medical waste solidifier. Your staff members will add this product to any bag that contains liquid waste. The product will quickly solidify the waste so that it's less likely to spill and threaten the safety of whoever is handling it.

Biohazard Cleaning Kit

When spills occasionally occur, you need to have products that your staff can use to thoroughly clean and disinfect the affected area. For this job, a biohazard cleaning kit is a must. These kits can vary depending on where you buy them, but they typically contain a wide range of useful products. Not only will they include protective gear that a staff member can quickly don before addressing the spill, but they also contain various cleaning solutions and a sealable container into which your staff member can place the soiled material for disposal after the job is done.


A large supply of disinfectants stored around your facility will help staff members to keep various surfaces clean and thus safe to touch. Your infection control product supplier carries several different disinfectant products. You'll find large bottles of these products, as well as individually packaged wipes. Based on the need, your staff members can use either product. For example, if someone wishes to wipe down a few door handles, they can do so with a wipe. For a larger disinfecting job, using a bottle and a rag will be the right approach.

For more information about infection control products, contact a supplier.

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