Accessories To Keep On-Hand For Your Hookah

Sharing a hookah with a few friends, or even just smoking one on your own, can be a great way to relax. All you really need to get started is some shisha, a hookah, a bowl, and a hose. However, it can be really helpful to keep some other accessories on-hand, too. Some of them you may end up using almost every time you smoke, and others you might reach for now and then—but you will get plenty of use out of these purchases.


You can pack shisha into the bowl using your hands, and this is what most people do when they are new to smoking hookah. However, once you can afford to buy a pair, you will really want some tongs. This allows you to keep your fingers clean when packing the bowl. There are some really beautifully decorated tongs and there are also some simple ones for those who like a more minimalist look.

Glass Tips

Most hookah systems come with plastic tips for smoking. Purchasing a few glass ones means they're sure to come in handy when you have friends over. It's easier to sanitize them simply by boiling them in water or dipping them in rubbing alcohol. Glass tips come in lots of different colors, too, so they can be a beautiful addition to your hookah setup.

Wind Covers

A wind cover is a metal sleeve that basically fits over the bowl of your hookah. You probably won't need this every time you smoke, but when the wind is blowing and you want to smoke outside, you'll be glad you have a wind cover to keep your shisha lit. These also may come in handy in drafty buildings.

Vase Lights

This option is mostly for aesthetics. A vase light is a battery-operated light that you can insert into the vase of your hookah to illuminate it. It's a nice thing to have when you want to smoke in the dark or in a dimly lit room.

Ice Hose Tips

There may be times when you or a fellow smoker do not want hot smoke, but rather cold smoke. An ice hose tip can allow you to enjoy this. You fill these tips with ice and then snap them on in place of your ordinary hose tips. They cool the smoke before it enters your mouth.

With the above hookah accessories on-hand, you can have an even more enjoyable time smoking hookah with your friends. For more information, contact a company that offers hookah accessories.

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