Does Your Elderly Mom Have A Bladder Infection While Staying At Your House On Vacation?

Urinary tract infections, or UTIs, become more common in the senior years, and the stress of traveling places people at greater risk of developing an infection. Naturally, the last thing you want is to see your mom uncomfortable or have to waste valuable time together with her feeling bad. When you suspect a bladder infection, you can use these strategies to help her begin to feel better right away.

Seek Urgent Medical Treatment

In addition to just being uncomfortable, UTIs in the elderly can quickly turn into a more serious infection that affects other organs such as their kidneys. For this reason, your mother should not delay seeking medical treatment. Unfortunately, her usual doctor is likely out of the question if she lives a distance away from your house. When this is the case, walk-in clinics near your neighborhood are the ideal place to make sure that she receives care within the first day. When you visit the urgent care clinic, make sure to bring information about your mother's medical history such as whether she has any allergies to medication or if she has frequent bladder infections.

Encourage Her to Stay Hydrated

During her travels, your mother may not have been able to drink water as often as she should for optimum bladder health. Now that she has an infection, fluid intake takes on even greater importance. Help your mom stay hydrated by encouraging her to drink plenty of water. If she's never been a fan of water, then try infusing the water with fruit to enhance the taste. Drinking water helps to flush out bacteria in the urinary tract, and your mom may find that it helps to alleviate burning sensations during urination.

Address Potential Incontinence Issues

Urinary incontinence is a symptom that sometimes occurs with bladder infections, or your mom may have an increase in leaks if she's already diagnosed with this condition for another reason. Help her to feel comfortable during her visit to urgent care by making sure that she has incontinence supplies as well as a change of clothes in case an episode occurs. Once you return home, stock up on any supplies that she needs so that she can continue to feel comfortable spending time with the family.

Getting sick on vacation is never fun, and your mom deserves to spend her visit at your house in total comfort. By helping her receive prompt medical attention and taking steps to ease the symptoms, you can be sure that she's on the mend before her stay at your house ends. For more information, contact a company like West Ocean City Injury & Illness Center.