Vaginal Rejuvenation: A Quick Look At Common Misconceptions Every Woman Should Know

As a woman, feeling comfortable about how your body looks is an important thing, even on the most personal level. The skin of the vaginal area can become stretched and changed with time and with changes in your body, such as if you lose weight or if you have children. Thankfully, modern advancements in cosmetic surgery and dermatological treatment have made it possible for women who are not happy with the outer appearance of their personal areas to make some changes through vaginal rejuvenation treatment. If this is something you are considering for yourself, it is best to get some of the most common misconceptions out of the way before you go for your initial consultation. 

Misconception: Vaginal rejuvenation is always a surgical procedure. 

Fact: Even though vaginal rejuvenation is possible through surgery, there are forms of treatment that involve no surgery at all. For example, some doctors offer a vaginal tightening procedure that utilizes a concentrated laser beam to safely contract the walls and skin of the vaginal area. Surgical procedures may be the most mentioned in regular conversation, but this is not the only option, which means that most women can find a form of treatment that works for their personal needs as well as their budget. 

Misconception: Vaginal rejuvenation is only for younger people.

Fact: It is actually a big myth that only younger women care about what their vaginal area looks and feels like. This is and important things to women of all ages, and there is really no age limit on vaginal rejuvenation treatments. Of course, as you get older the structure of your body naturally changes, so the results you see from different forms of vaginal rejuvenation can be different and no women will see the same results exactly. However, this does not mean that a treatment, whether surgical or non-surgical, will not give you satisfactory results. 

Misconception: Medical insurance will not cover vaginal rejuvenation. 

Fact: Vaginal rejuvenation on just about any level is almost always deemed as an elective procedure, which means your medical insurance probably will not pay. However, there are some situations when certain parts of the procedure may be covered, such as your initial consultation or perhaps some of your follow up care. Even without medical insurance coverage, most doctors who offer these procedures will work with you on the cost and payment so you can afford to have the procedures you want completed.  

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