Why Urgent Care Is Often The Best Option

Many people are unfamiliar with the concept of urgent care. As a result, if there is an urgent care center in your neighborhood, you may have seen it but never visited. Urgent Care offers a quick and easy way to receive the medical care that you need, even if your family physician is not available.

Often, a traditional medical practice is open during very limited business hours. In addition, if there is only one physician at the practice when he or she goes on vacation, the medical office may be closed. Thus, some patients feel pressured to visit an emergency room to receive medical treatment in their doctor's absence. Urgent care is typically a better option. Here are a few reasons why:

Urgent care is often cheaper.

The bill received from a hospital after a person is treated in an emergency room is often much higher than expected, especially if the person does not have medical insurance. Urgent care rates are quite similar to those that your physician's office would likely charge.

The level of care at an urgent care facility is not inferior to that of an emergency room or a traditional doctor's office.

Many urgent care facilities have an emergency on-site lab as well as radiological equipment for x-rays. The facility is generally able to treat most illnesses or conditions that are not life-threatening and do not require surgery.

Often, conditions that arrived in an emergency room are not true emergencies.

People often go to the emergency room when they experience extreme discomfort. However, their condition may not be life-threatening. Broken bones, sprains and high fevers can all be treated in an urgent care center.

An urgent care facility can treat a wide variety of age groups.

Like an emergency room, an urgent care facility is suitable for patients of various ages. It is not solely for adults. Children who incur conditions that need to be treated within 24 hours, like adults, can benefit from urgent care.

Preventive services are also offered at many urgent care facilities.

People who need a physical examination, a vaccination or other preventive service may also receive treatment at many urgent care facilities. Since these services are often performed in traditional medical office settings, they may also be provided at an urgent care facility.

To learn more about urgent care and to determine if local facilities are covered by your insurance plan, contact an urgent care facility in your area

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