3 Reasons To Ask Your Doctor About 3D Ultrasound

When it comes to diagnosing medical problems, doctors have many tools at their disposal. Taking the time to become familiar with some of these tools will help you ensure that you are receiving the proper care. Ultrasound can be an effective diagnostic tool when it comes to caring for patients.

Here are three reasons why you should be asking your doctor if 3D ultrasound technology might be beneficial in diagnosing your medical problem in the future.

1. 3D ultrasound won't expose you to radiation.

Having the ability to see inside the body without making an incision can be extremely beneficial when it comes to making a medical diagnosis. While your doctor might be able to rely on x-rays or CT scans to gain access to internal images, these diagnostic tools leave you exposed to low levels of ionizing radiation.

If you are concerned that this radiation exposure could leave you vulnerable, then ask you doctor to rely on 3D ultrasound images instead. An ultrasound will not expose you to radiation, making it a safer diagnostic tool than x-rays or CT scans.

2. 3D ultrasound is affordable.

With the cost of medical care representing a serious concern for many patients, finding ways to reduce the cost of diagnostic tests can be a simple way to help alleviate some of the financial stress associated with your next medical visit.

The machine required to perform a 3D ultrasound is lightweight and mobile, allowing general practitioners and clinics to keep these machines on-site. Since you won't have to be transferred to a hospital in order to gain access to large diagnostic machines (like those that create x-rays and CT scans), your medical costs will be lower when relying on 3D ultrasound.

3. 3D ultrasound can be more thorough.

Many injuries and medical problems are rooted in the soft tissue and structures of the body that do not appear on x-ray images. When you work with your doctor to use 3D ultrasound as a diagnostic tool, you ensure that your doctor is receiving an accurate representation of your body's internal structure.

Examining the soft tissue and structures through 3D ultrasound will allow your doctor to complete a more thorough examination and make an accurate diagnosis.

When you need to access diagnostic tools to help identify the source of a medical problem, relying on 3D ultrasound can be beneficial. A 3D ultrasound machine eliminates exposure to radiation while providing your doctor with affordable and thorough diagnostic imaging.