Like Chiropractic Care? Your Pet Might Like It, Too

Have you been receiving chiropractic care for an injury or even just as a general health-enhancing treatment? If so, you know how comfortable the adjustments can make you and how helpful they can be for alleviating pain. But it turns out you're not the only one who can benefit. There is actually chiropractic care for pets, especially dogs and cats. Getting treatments for your pets sounds like a sort of boutique treatment that might not have much of an effect. But not only can it help your pet, it can help you.

Less Stress for Your Pet Means Less Stress for You

If you've got a pet that's in pain or that has been dealing with conditions like muscle spasms, that can add to your stress levels as you try to care for the pet. Plus, if your pet is rather large, you can experience muscle and joint strain if you have to carry the pet (either in your arms or in a large carrier) or lift the pet up. By getting your pet adjusted, you could reduce the pet's problems and therefore your own issues. Of course, reducing your stress level can benefit you physically.

Both Dogs and Cats -- and Maybe Rats

Chiropractic care for dogs, cats, and even horses has been around for quite some time, although it isn't often used as a first line of treatment (hence it's possible for people to not know it's possible). The treatments can be used for both chronic and acute injuries and general care. The New York Times even noted an example in which chiropractic treatment saved a cat from having to be put down. (If that isn't a stress-reducer for a pet owner, then what is?)

There's also anecdotal evidence that chiropractic care can benefit animals as small as rats, which makes sense given that they have skeletons. However, double-check with any animal chiropractors first before assuming that your pocket pets can be helped just because they are so small.

Home Visits

If you do decide to try chiropractic care for your pet, try to find someone who will make home visits at least until the pet is used to seeing that person. Car rides to a vet's office are no fun for pets, but if they become used to seeing this nice person helping them feel better in the home, then once you start bringing the animals to the office, the animals may be calmer about the car ride.

Does Not Replace Vet Care

Note that chiropractic care works with vet care, and it is not a substitute for vet care. In fact, you can find chiropractors who work with both humans and animals, which can be really convenient when it comes time to schedule appointments.

Don't underestimate the effects of having your pet adjusted. Both you and your pet can really see improvement even if your pet is the only one having a treatment. For more information, contact offices like Citrus Chiropractic Group.

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