2 Things To Remember When Strength Training

Meeting and exceeding your strength-training goals can be extremely difficult. It takes a great deal of dedication, hard work, and consistency. There are many people that are willing to put in the time at the gym, but many people are making some simple mistakes. Luckily, fitness is a lifelong endeavor and changes can be implemented into a workout regime. This article is going to outline 2 simple ideas to keep in mind when strength training. 

Mix It Up

It is very important that you do not do the same workouts every day. You will meet people in the gym that always do their triceps the same day they do their chest, or when they lift their legs they always do five specific workouts. While it is always better to be doing something rather than nothing, mixing up your workouts will get you better and quicker results. there are many reasons you should rotate through different workouts. If you are continually doing the same workout, your body can become to efficient, and you can hit plateaus. The same workout can also get extremely boring. Not only should you mix up your workouts, but you should alternate going light, heavy, and medium. One week go heavy, where a set only includes 4 reps. The next week go light where a set includes 15 reps. Mixing up your routine and weight will yield positive results.

Eat Like You Train

There are people on both sides of the problem when it comes to eating. There are people that starve themselves to lose weight, but then there are people that eat pizza and burgers for every meal. They can argue for or against a specific diet, but the main thing to remember is to eat healthy. In order for your body to build muscle, it needs a great deal of protein, high quality carbs, and healthy fats. When you are lifting, you are tearing muscle fibers and you need to rebuild; in order to do that, you need to eat healthy. Try increasing your protein intake to a gram per pound of your body weight. High quality carbs include whole grains and vegetables. Healthy fats can be found in multiple places like avocado and almonds. You do not want to cut out these healthy fats because they are vital for brain function and important for skin and hair. A well-balanced diet is just as vital as exercise if you want to meet your strength-training goals.