3 Medicinal Purposes Of Massage

When many people think of a massage, they think of stress relief and relaxation. It is no secret that a massage can be helpful for managing stress, but there are so many more benefits to massage than people realize. If you have never used massage for health benefits, you should consider taking advantage of the many uses of massage. Here are some things that you should know about massage.

1. Treatment For A Common Cold and Simple Illnesses

When you get a massage, it will stimulate the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for carrying fluid throughout your body. If the lymphatic is not working properly, then it will prevent the immune system from fully working, seeing that you need the lymphoid to circulate the antibodies throughout the system.

There are only a couple ways you can stimulate the lymphatic system and massage is one of them. When you get a massage, it will encourage better circulation, thus helping the body to heal faster. If you do get a massage when you are sick or suffering from a cold, let the massage therapist know so that they can do specific things to stimulate the system.

2. Chronic Pain Management

If you are suffering from chronic pain, you are probably looking for some relief beyond pain medication. Taking pain medication regularly can be dangerous and addictive. This is why massage is a much better option. A massage can help to reduce inflammation around the joints so that people who have fibromyalgia and arthritis can benefit from it. In addition, if you have constant headaches, you could also benefit from massage. The therapist can stimulate certain pressure points in the body so that it reduces the circulation and pressure to the blood vessels in the head. This will prevent migraines and headaches.

3. Injury and Rehabilitation

If you have recently been injured, you could benefit from massage. For instance, many athletes get massage as part of their injury rehabilitation. The therapist can help to strengthen the muscles around the injured body part so that it will heal faster and so that you can have more mobility once it does heal. This is true for broken bones, joints, and for sprained muscles. When you see the therapist, let them know the type of injury you have had so that they can be sure to stimulate the right muscles.

These are just a few of the many reasons that people get massages. For more information about things like pregnancy massages, contact a company like Imagine Wholeness.

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