3 Benefits Of Adult Day Care Programs For Elderly Parents

An option for children of elderly parents who are worried about their mom and/or dad sitting alone in their homes is to get them involved in an adult day care program. Social isolation is a leading cause of depression in the elderly (along with declining health and limited mobility), and getting your parent out of the house can increase their self-worth and make them feel vital again. Here are 3 benefits your parents can receive by participating in an adult day care program.

Develop a Social Network

Instead of sitting home alone and doing things like watching old movies that keeps your parent's living in the past with memories of what once was, your parents can be connecting with others in their age group to enjoy active conversations and partake in many different kinds of programs to keep them active. They might still talk about the past, but they are engaging others in the conversations who know what they are talking about and can relate to the changes they have experienced in life. Your parent can develop a feeling of belonging to a group again instead of feeling alone.

Cognitive Games

Another problem with sitting alone all day is that a parent can become devoid of mental stimulation which can lead to ailments like Alzheimer's disease. Playing card and board games help to keep your parent thinking on a cognitive level which has been shown to slow or reduce the possibility of them developing Alzheimer's disease. They not only get stimulation from participating with others to play the games, but they also strengthen their mind that lifts their spirits at the same time.

Partake in Daily Life Activities

Your parent may not be able to do certain activities of daily living on their own anymore like preparing and cooking their own meals. Some adult day care centers have kitchens where your parent can prepare their favorite foods while being watched over by staff or volunteers. You parent not only can make a favorite dish, but they can make something they can share with others in the group. This can help your parent feel vital again and let them know they still have personal worth that can be a benefit to others around them.

If you have a parent who sits alone all day at home, you should check out the adult day care centers like Independent Days Adult Care Center, Inc. in your region to see what they have to offer to keep your parents active and happy.

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