4 Treatments Available For Tennis Elbow

If you are experiencing pain of the elbow where the tendons meet the bumpy part of your elbow, you might be suffering from tennis elbow. While called "tennis" elbow, this condition doesn't only occur with people who play tennis. It is often a result of certain occupations where the arm's motions affect the elbow, such as with butchers, carpenters, plumbers, and painters. You may experience the pain in your elbow, wrists, or forearms. Here are some treatment options to relieve the pain.

Home Remedies

Tennis elbow will usually go away on its own, so treatment is more about finding comfort and relieving the symptoms than actually trying to cure the condition. When you notice the symptoms of tennis elbow, you should get plenty of rest. If it was a physical activity leading to the condition, stop performing that activity or sport until you start to feel better. This might also include taking some time off work. While you rest, apply ice to the area a few times a day to help reduce inflammation.


There are also some medications that can help you find relief. First of all, you should take anti-inflammatory medications for tennis elbow. Not only can they provide pain relief, but they help to reduce inflammation that can make pain worse. Ibuprofen and naproxen are good anti-inflammatory medications for this condition. Your doctor might also give you a cortisone injection to relieve the pain from this condition. However, they won't give you more than a couple injections before looking to other methods of treatment.

Physical Therapy

You might also be sent to a physical therapist, who can help you with certain stretches and exercises not only to reduce the symptoms but to help prevent tennis elbow in the future. You will need to learn proper form if you got the condition from a sport or physical activity, including tennis. If you got it from work, the physical therapist will ask more about the movements used to perform your job so they can help you improve your form there as well.

The physical therapist will introduce stretches and exercises that can stretch the affected muscles and strengthen them. This provides pain relief now and will help prevent the condition in the future. You will be asked to keep performing them even after you feel relief. Additionally, your physical therapist can provide you with a brace for your forearm and elbow.


Getting surgery for tennis elbow is usually the last resort. You will need to have tried all other methods, including physical therapy, before resorting to surgery. If you do need it, the surgery will be to remove any damaged tissue you have in your elbow. You should continue with physical therapy and rehabilitation after surgery. 

Talk with a clinic, like Hand Rehabilitation Specialists, to see what you need to do to treat your tennis elbow. 

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