4 Benefits Of Compounding Pharmacies

When most people think of a pharmacy they picture facilities in drug stores or grocery markets. Compounding pharmacies like Camelback Pharmacy are different than traditional pharmacies; at a compounding pharmacy licensed pharmacists formulate custom medications to meet the needs of an individual patient. There are a number of benefits for using a compounding pharmacy, including:

Customized Dosage

Many mass produced medications are available in several dosage strengths, but the standard dosage strengths may not be appropriate for an individual patient. At a compounding pharmacy, an experienced compounding pharmacist can formulate a specific medication to the exact dosage strength prescribed by the patient's physician, ensuring that the patient can take the medication safely and have it be effective. This can especially be useful for medications prescribed to infants and small children, who may not be able to tolerate the standard dosage strengths available.

Medications Can Be Made Without Allergens

A variety of medications that are mass produced may contain dyes, binders, or preservatives. Most people can tolerate these ingredients, but some people are allergic to them and are unable to take the medication in that form. When a person needs a specific medication but is allergic to an ingredient he or she can turn to a compound pharmacy to create the exact medication needed without using any preservatives, dyes, or binders.

Prepare Medication that is Easier to Administer

Some mass produced medication may only be available in pill form, but young infants or seriously ill senior citizens may not be able to swallow a pill safely. In these situations a compound pharmacist may formulate the medication in an easier to administer liquid form, or even a cream that can be applied topically depending on the medication and condition being treated. A lot of medications have a very unpleasant taste, which can make them difficult to swallow; a compounding pharmacist can formulate a medication with flavoring agents in order to cover up the bad taste—this can be especially be helpful if the medication is prescribed for a child.

Formulate Medications that have Been Discontinued

It is not uncommon for prescription drug manufacturers to discontinue certain medications if they are no longer in high demand. Even if a medication is not popular, thousands of people may rely on that medication to maintain good health. Compounding pharmacies have the ability to formulate medications that may have been discontinued, so you can continue to use the medication that you are used to, and avoid having to start a new medication that may have different side effects.