Drug Treatment When You Are A Single Mother Of Small Children

When you have children, especially when you are single mom, and have a chemical dependency, it can be extra stressful to contemplate getting help. What can you do to get the treatment you need, and not lose the people important to you?

Outpatient Treatment

If you live near a treatment facility that offers outpatient treatment, this might be a good solution to your problem. This type of treatment may have daily classes and groups to go to in the mornings or afternoons. There are some programs that meet three or two days a week and may last a month up to six months.  You will need to submit to regular drug testing to remain in the program, which will give you added motivation to work on your addiction.

If you have no one to watch the children, there may be a community action group or certain religious charities in your locality that will give you vouchers for daycare while you are in treatment. They may also provide bus tickets or tokens so that you will have transportation.

Inpatient Care and Support from Family

You should talk to your sober relatives or close friends and see if any of them would be willing to take the kids in while you are in inpatient treatment. It might mean swallowing some pride after years of denial about an addiction, but you need their support. You might find that they are relieved that you finally came to them for help.

Child Protective Services

You may feel like you are alone and can't get help. If you put off treatment and someone calls your state's child protective services about your substance abuse, you could lose custody of your children. You might be in dread of this happening, and the biggest fear you will have is that you won't get your children back.

The truth is when your children go into state sponsored foster care, it costs the state a lot of money. So, not only is it a matter of compassion and ethics but also budgetary concerns, that are in favor of you getting your children back after you successfully complete treatment. If you have no one else to help you out, it would be in your best interest to contact them yourself. Your progress to overcome your addiction will be closely monitored by family court so that you can regain custody of your children.

To keep going, you have to remind yourself that this situation is temporary.

Help From Local Agencies

You should look for a treatment center with a social worker who can help you to obtain funding for the treatment from outside sources or government agencies, He or she may also point you to agencies that will help you and your family get other vital resources. Some state or federally sponsored health clinics also have social workers you can see on a free or sliding scale basis.

Not Easy But Worth it

Getting treatment is especially difficult for young mothers like you because of the extra responsibilities you have.  But remember, your children deserve a mom who is truly there, so every effort you make is a demonstration of your love and care for them. They deserve a better life and so do you.