How To Prevent Lower Back Pain In The First Place

One of the most common reasons why people have chronic back pain is that they have sustained a back injury. The back often does not heal completely and will continue to cause pain until it has been treated correctly. But rather than focus on recovering from a back injury, why not prevent it in the first place?

Strengthen Your Lower Back

You will be less likely to suffer a lower back injury if you have a stronger lower back. Then, if your lower back experiences the strain that would cause injury, it will instead be able to resist this strain. One way to strengthen your back is to grab a barbell that has 30 pounds of weight. Grab the bar with both of your hands, spread your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width and straighten your back. Then, raise your back and lift the weight off the ground. This action will force your back muscles to work, which will strengthen them. Avoid pushing the limits of how much you can lift because you can strain your back with these exercises. Instead, perform this technique about 12 times.

Avoid Heavy Lifting

If you are thinking of moving from a back-breaking job to a desk job, you should consider doing so. Jobs that involve lifting, pulling or twists of the spine can lower back injuries. If you must lift or pull something heavy, make sure that you keep your back straight and lift or pull with your legs rather than your back. Rather than use the strength of your back to lift the heavy object, use your much stronger legs.

Manage Your Weight and Maintain Good Posture

It can be difficult to avoid back pain over the course of your life because some back pain is age-related. Spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis result from back bone degeneration. You can slow the progress of osteoarthritis by maintaining a healthy weight and by exercising regularly. Also, if you maintain a good posture, you will reduce the risk of spinal stenosis. Keep your back straight, relax your shoulders and keep your forearms straight. Also, be sure to shift your position periodically because remaining in the same position can place strain on your back. Regularly visiting a clinic such as Brook Chiropractic can also help keep your spine aligned for good posture.

Stay Active

If you have developed lower back pain, you might be tempted to stay in bed. While some rest is important to recover, your body is meant to be used. You will need to get out of bed and stay active so that you can develop a body that can resist injuries that cause back pain. Get up, walk around and keep active. 

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