Information To Consider When Deciding To Have A Facelift

As people age, their skin will become less firm, causing some drooping in the jowl and cheekbone area. As skin loses elasticity, it loses the ability to retain its youthful looking shape on top of muscles. At this point, some people consider having skin surgically altered to keep their face from looking aged. Having a face lift may be something you would like to consider if your skin is starting to look loose on your face. Here is some information on how a facelift works, and what you should do before and after having the procedure done.

How A Facelift Is Performed

Having a facelift is a surgical procedure that would be done with the use of anesthesia. You will most likely be awake for the surgery, but will be numbed from the anesthesia, only feeling some pulling sensations. Your doctor would make an incision in front of your ear area, along your temple area, going back toward the scalp area behind your earlobe. The skin will be lifted from the underlying muscle and any excess fat would be removed.

The doctor will sew your skin back into place, removing excess skin as it is being placed. There may be some clips used to put the skin in place on the scalp area. The entire procedure will firm up the underlying area. You may have a small tube inserted to help drain any excess blood from the procedure.

How To Prepare For The Surgery

You will be asked to stop smoking completely for a few weeks before surgery, if you are a smoker. Smoking causes the blood to stop flowing properly to the skin, making it difficult for the incisions to heal properly. You will need to sit with your surgeon to discuss your options and decide which areas you wish to firm in the process. You will need an evaluation done to make sure that you are not at risk when having anesthesia.

How To Help Your Body Heal

You will want to keep bandages on your incisions for a few days after the procedure to keep your skin from being exposed to any elements. Afterward, you will want to try to keep your head in an upright position as much as possible to help reduce any swelling you may have from the surgery. Take any prescribed medications as recommended by your doctor and try to rest for a week or so after the surgery, so that the skin will have a chance to heal.

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