3 Ways To Deal With Substance Abuse

Being addicted to anything can be mentally and physically challenging. Indulging in too much of anything can have a negative impact on your health and your well-being. If you have substance abuse problems, it is imperative that you break away from this addiction and get treated. Knowing the effective methods to help you deal and eliminate substance abuse of any type may ultimately save your life.

Group counseling

One way to get the help  you need when addicted to drugs or alcohol is by working with a group of people who have the experienced the same thing as you. By joining an addiction group and discussing your problems with drugs, and what causes you to cling to this dangerous substance, can be healing.

Additionally, getting the support of another person will allow you to talk to this individual when trying to stop using drugs. Simply knowing you have another ear that will listen to you in your time of need is the reason enough to join a group counseling session.

Face-to-face therapy

If you prefer to address your problem with only one individual, this can be done with a drug therapist. This person will listen to your experiences with substance abuse and can help you reach your goal of quitting.

Listed below are some questions you can expect from a therapist:

1.    When did you begin using drugs or alcohol?

2.    How frequently do you rely on drugs or alcohol?

3.    Do you feel you are addicted to these substances?

4.    Do you feel that you are depressed or anxious a lot of the time?

5.    Are there friends or family members you can talk to about this?

6.    Have you ever been harmed because of your substance abuse problem?

7.    Are you committed to quitting the use of drugs or alcohol?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

By employing the use of CBT, you can beat your addiction problem. This is typically completed with the assistance of a therapist who will work closely with you.

This process may involve keeping a journal of your feelings and experiences while quitting alcohol or drugs. Additionally, you may be asked to complete assignments from a workbook that is provided by your therapist.

Finally, getting away from any substance that abuses your body is imperative to your health. Be sure to consult addiction treatment centers such as Albano Fischetti Counseling who can assist you in regaining control of your life today!